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1-3-1 zone defense

I have found the 1-3-1 Zone can be a good alternative to a man to man defense. It still allows you to put pressure on the ball, create trapping opportunities, create turnovers, and seems to be good for rebounding.

1-3-1 zone defense

Let me start by saying that I have only used this in a couple of games so far, but I was very pleased with the results. We are at the end of our season here, but I plan to add this defense to our early practices next season. This article will explain the starting positions for your players in a 1-3-1 zone.

In the 1-3-1 defense your two 1s will cover the most ground, so make sure they have the speed and endurance to accomplish this. The top 1 is usually your point guard and he starts out around the top of the key. Their responsibility is to cover from sideline to sideline, not going much deeper than the foul line. The other 1 covers sideline to sideline from right in front of the basket.

The 3s set up in a line right around the foul line with one in the middle of the foul line, usually your center, and the other two on the wings. I started them about two to three steps away from their sides three second lane. The 2 on the wings will cover up and down in their area, from out of bounds line on their side to the lane. The middle player's job is to stay in the middle. He roams the outer part of the three second lane trying to front anyone coming in the lane. This is the starting positions for a defense that can be conservative or very aggressive. Part 2 will follow explaining how the zone moves with the ball.

1-3-1 zone defense


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